New Undertakings!! Moving, buying a new house, starting a workout routine, Career change, Having a child are All new and life changing events that will change the corse of your future. It’s that stepping outside of your boundaries and how you adapt to that step that defines you. All things that happen are what you wanted to happen or you would have altered that outcome. You are in control of your current situation and your future. You got to where you are because of the previous decisions that you made. Relationship, finance, or family are all in the place you want and allow them. Make the changes in your life good ones even if they seem at the moment to be a set back or a negative thing. Find the positive in them and focus on that. You will realize that all things will turn to positives and all those new undertakings will seem like they were put in place to make your life better. And they will! -KS


Humanity is my religion. 

I try really hard not to watch the news. It’s depressing and most of the time unbelievable. I think it has it’s place but I’ve seen too many people sink themselves completely into it and allow it to ruin their mind. I’ve watched a few people get so worked up over what they see on the news that I had to take a step back and wonder if what I was watching was real. I grown man with children and a wife believing every word that the television said, so much so that he began arguing the points of the broadcast with other humans also watching. Now, I do believe that there is some good and necessary information that can be received from the news and television. You have to think about this! The news station that you are watching is owned by someone or by a group of people. The people writing the copy work for that person.  The people delivering the news are working for that person. They are being paid by the advertisements they sell (commercials).

To watch people differ over a third party’s opinion is troubling to me. I do have my religious beliefs but I say humanity is my religion as a reminder to be kind and treat each other fairly. We have but one life and should live it the best we can and try to take care of each other. -KS   7/26

Welcome to the Blog

I’m hoping to get on here a few times a week and spread some good vibes and share some thoughts and ideas. For now the Va heat is is the focus and probably has you all trying to stay inside. I hope are you are inside in the AC and enjoying your Tuesday morning. Stay cool my friends family and fans and I will see you at a show soon. -KS