The story behind the recordings!



You’ve Got To Start (Over) Somewhere

Years ago there was a band called Boxwood, Kris was the front man for it with some great friends and musicians. He began writing songs for that band. It wouldn’t be clear to until about ½ way through the recording of the “You’ve Got To Start (Over) Somewhere” album that it was about his life.  From being single and floating around freely going anyway that the wind blew, to my 10 year marriage that fell apart ending in separation and the co-parenting of his awesome little girl.  All the good times and the bad times in between and the confusion of heartbreak and separating are written, recorded and apparent in this album. Some of the songs were written in times of utter chaos and confusion. Others were written about being as happy as one could be in this life and feeling like nothing could stop or stand in their way. This album will take you on a musical journey of love, laughter, and happiness to sadness, uncertainty, and disbelief. It’s all in there. Listen to the album from beginning to end and you can follow the story line of Kris’ life through music.


Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flower (named after his daughter) Kris’ sophomore follow up to his first record “You’ve Got Start (Over) Somewhere” busts through the gate with a cool acoustic riff in “That’s All We Need”, a song of love and solidarity. This album was written at a great place in Kris’ life where he felt like sharing good vibes with the world. “Love Around The World is a reggae feeling tune that spreads the message of keeping your love in your heart and on your mind when you can’t be together. “One More Day” has a simple, easy to follow country grove, and explains how things can be difficult but if you focus on One More Day you can make the impossible seem simple. “Happy Now”, “Barstool In Paradise”, “Shine”, “Somebody” and “Get Away” are all placed strategically in the line up to keep the good times and upbeat rhythms of “Beautiful Flower” flowing perfectly. Order your copy and enjoy all that Beautiful Flower has to offer.